Feng Shui


Standard Consultation
A standard consultation takes place in your home and takes between 2-5 hours, this will include visiting all areas of your home, highlighting and energising areas that are a priority, suggesting cures and Geopathic Stress (harmful earth energies) detection and removal.

Remote Consultation
Alternatively we can provide a consultation through post/e-mail/phone, this will require you (and all adults within the home) to complete a Life Evaluation questionnaire and to draw a plan of the house (examples of what is required will be provided). From these we will be able to highlight priorities and areas within your home to enable us to suggest cures. Geopathic Stress detection and removal can also be achieved long-distance by dowsing your plan.

With either consultation you will receive a full explanatory report, detailing problems found as well as possible cures, information on energising non-problem areas and full phone/e-mail support post consultation.

Our standard consultation fee is 300 plus travel costs a remote consultation is 150. Payment can be made via cheque or Credit Card.

Business Consultation
Additionally we can also provide a consultation for your business, this type of consultation would require further discussion, as everyone is different. Factors to be considered for this type of consultation include:

No of employees

Areas need assessment:

  • Executive offices
  • Managerial offices
  • Employee desks/workstations

    Areas of concern

  • Sales/cash flow
  • Customer relations/PR
  • Management/employee interface
  • Job restructuring/downsizing
  • Furnishings layout
  • Office construction
  • Employee productivity
  • Health/tardiness

    If you require further information on any type of consultation please contact The Feng Shui Consultancy on 07050 607 235, or click here...