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The Ancient Chinese principles of harmony, symbolism and placement
a hot topic in interior design

Welcome to the World of Feng Shui

Feng Shui has been around for approximately 4,000 years although no one can say exactly how or when it began. The ancient Chinese discovered that the quality of their lives improved if their homes faced south towards the sun and they were surrounded by hills at the back of the house, which protected them from the winds of the north.

Although this theory is not always practical in today's society where some of us live in apartments, blocks of flats, terraced houses or maybe a room in someone else's house, the style of modern Feng Shui enables us to greatly improve our lives, no matter what our situation.

Geopathic Stress

Geopathic Stress (GS) can be described as a distortion of the Earth's natural energy field, which causes harmful radiation to emanate from the Earth's surface. In China these lines are called Dragon veins.

Causes of these lines are both natural and man made such as:

  • Underground streams & cavities
  • Building foundations
  • Mines, quarries
  • Basically anything that causes trauma to the earth.
  • Unfortunately many of us live in homes affected by GS and will suffer symptoms such as poor sleep and irritability. Research has also shown that in cases of strong GS, illnesses such as cancer, ME, Parkinsons disease, asthma, infertility are present amongst the inhabitants.

    Thankfully once detected GS can be treated using a variety of different methods. It is vital that GS is tested during your consultation because Feng Shui cures and remedies could boost the harmful effects of GS in your home.

    Feng Shui Principles


    • Ideally have steps to front door
    • The approach should be easy, obvious and clean
    • It should not face oncoming car traffic
    • The front and back doors should not be in a direct line
    • It should have a plant at either side of the Front Door

    Living Room:

    • Display your most inspiring art here
    • The living room should be on the same level as the entrance
    • The fireplace should not be visible upon entering the house
    • Place a money plant in the wealth corner
    • Plants should be large enough to sit on the floor


    • If door cannot be seen when cooking a mirror should be placed to reflect entrance
    • Sink and stove may be next to each other, but not opposite
    • There should not be any skylights
    • The ceiling should not be particularly high

    Dining Room:

    • Reflect dining table with a mirror to double the food
    • The room should feel intimate
    • Avoid having three doors and window in the four walls
    • Most chairs should have a windowless wall as backup

    Study or Office:

    • A desk should be backed up by a wall or stable furniture
    • The desk should not directly face the doorway
    • Neither plants nor lights should be hung above the desk


    • The head of the bed should be backed up by a wall, never a mirror or a window
    • Nothing should be above the bed, such as a skylight, beam, plant or lamp
    • Limit mirrors to one and never put it at the foot of the bed
    • Orient bed in your auspicious direction (see KUA numbers)
    • Make sure door & windows can be seen
    • Do not place bed under a slanted ceiling
    • Master bedrooms should not contain vast spaces, entertainment centers or fireplaces
    • Do not used beds with canopies or round posts


    • Keep toilet seat down so not to flush the energy away
    • Never locate a shower or tub by a large window
    • The room should have plenty of light and should feel secure


    • When doors open to the same hall, they should never directly face each other
    • Use mirrors to make hallways appear more spacious
    • Place mirrors on opposite walls to let them bounce energy down the hall
    • Leave lights on in dark hallways
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