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A year of goodwill to all. An excellent climate for business, and industry in general will prevail. People will be more free and easy on the whole and the complaisant attitude of the Boar will generate a feeling of abundance. But in spite of the favorable auspices here, like the Boar we will hesitate, waver and undermine our own abilities when opportunity calls.

The Boar's year is one of plenty. La dolce vita is very much advocated and practiced by the sensual Boar. If life is worth living, it must be lived to the hilt. Such is his motto. The Boar is as lavish with gifts as he is with affection. He takes pride in being chivalrous and extravagant. It would be ill-advised to overspend this year or make sizable investments without thorough investigation. We may also come to regret impulsive acts of generosity made on the spur of the moment.

The fortunate Boar carries with him contentment and security. This is one year in which you could be happy without having or needing a lot of success or money to make it so. There will not seem to be many hurdles to overcome and the placid Boar radiates a sense of well-being. Still, a great deal of prudence is recommended in money matters, as the Boar is always susceptible to swindlers.

This year will find us entertaining a lot more than usual and getting ourselves involved in all sorts of charitable and social functions. We find it a lot easier to make friends in the Boar's tolerant and expansive atmosphere.

Watch out for excesses, though, as the Boar tends to overindulge himself in anything when given the opportunity. Weight watchers will have a tough time and may face losing (or rather, gaining) battles.


This is the sign of honesty, simplicity and great fortitude. Gallant, sturdy and courageous, a person born in this year will apply himself to an allotted task with all his strength and you can rely on him to see it through. Outwardly, he may appear rough-hewn and jovial, but scratch the surface and you will find pure gold.

The Boar is bound to be one of the most natural people you could come across. The original nice guy, winner of the "Charlie Brown" award, he will never hit you below the belt. The Boar person is popular and sought after because, like the Sheep and Rabbit, he seeks universal harmony. No doubt he will have fights and differences with others, but he will not carry grudges unless you give him no choice. He doesn't like to add fuel to the fire in a confrontation and will usually let bygones be bygones. The lenient boar will always take the first step forward and establish excellent rapport with others. If he fails, it certainly won't be for lack of trying at his end. He will be blessed with great endurance. He can work steadily on one thing at a time with incredible patience and will make an excellent and exact teacher.

However, he is equally reputed for his wanton pursuit of pleasure and even depravity, when he emphasizes his negative traits.

In his life, the loyal and thoughtful Boar will make lasting and beneficial friendships. He enjoys gatherings of all kinds, giving parties and hosting fetes, joining clubs and all kinds of associations. A quiet organizer, who hates arguments and bickering, he is capable of bringing people of all sides together. His credibility and sincerity are his best assets. Yet, he can be a bit too affable and condescending at times, and he also expects others to tolerate his weaknesses.

The Boar will not dazzle you like the Dragon, nor bewitch you like the Monkey or Tiger, nor mesmerize you like a hypnotic Snake. He will simply grow on you until you cannot do without him. The solicitous Boar is synonymous with diligence and shining, old-fashioned chivalry. He won't mind taking up the burdens of others; he won't rebel at staying in the background or even supporting the whole cast with his incredible strength. He is the kind of person we tend to take for granted until he leaves us to fend for ourselves--totally stunned by our dependency on him.

It will be easy to trust the kindly boar. He rarely has ulterior motives. As a matter of fact, he is too innocent and naive, and as a result, he is the favorite victim of swindlers. Still, the guileless Boar is fortunate in the sense that he will always find people to help him even though he does not go around begging for favors. He would prefer to be on the giving end, and when he is in a position to help you, you can be sure he will extend his hand. Fortune will favor him in many respects because of his all-round goodness and faith in his fellowmen. The Boar believes in miracles and miracles will happen to him.

Calm and understanding, the Boar is a genial fellow who can and will tolerate a lot of nonsense from his friends. He is quick tempered too, but since he hates quarreling, he will end up giving his opponents the benefit of the doubt. All told, he is one of the most accommodating

A person born in this year will be a great fund-raiser He will have a penchant for social work and charity because a spirit of selflessness prevails over such functions and because he seeks to identify with as many people as possible.

When the world is cruel to you and fate has dealt you a stinging blow, run to a Boar. Author of the Good Neighbor policy, he will welcome you and your troubles with open arms. He is a good listener and even when you are definitely in the wrong, he will never have the heart to tell you so. He will do what he can without rubbing any salt into your wounds. He'll even get others involved. He'll call upon his Masonic brothers or hold a fund-raising dinner to help pay your debts. The Boar doesn't mind commitments. He's made for them. He has a good strong back and the biggest heart that can be found. These are no mean virtues by any standard and pretty hard to come by wherever you go. With a Boar, it is simply, "ask and you shall receive."

Now, to be perfectly fair, we must see the other side of the coin. While the Boar may be generosity itself, he also adheres to the "what's mine is yours and what's yours is mine" maxim.

When your Boar friend comes calling, he will help himself to your food, your wine, your clothes, your new golf set, your latest camera, your car, etc., with relative ease and childlike simplicity. Telling him off could be a problem. He will respond with great disbelief and hurt. He won't understand or accept your one-way street mentality.

Ms. Boar will be either spotlessly clean or terribly untidy. All Boars tend to come in these two categories and there are only rare cases of in-betweens. Nonetheless, she will be very personable and modest. She will devote every ounce of energy she has to the objects of her affection and ask for very little in return. You will be able to identify her by her remarkable purity of expression and trusting ways. Yet, although she loves with total abandonment, she will show a preference for anonymity or even secrecy. She can worship someone at a distance for years or serve him with passionate devotion without his knowing about it. She could play the perfect hostess to her husband's cronies and spoil the children by constantly answering to their beck and call--not to mention picking up after them all the time. But she won't mind, and when she does complain, it will be mild. Actually, she loves tending to her family and will look upon them not as burdens but as her pride and joy. With her, it will be a labor of love. Wherever she presides, people will congregate in an atmosphere of happiness and contentment.

Defenseless against deception, the Boar person likes to trust everyone and will believe almost anything they tell him, even if they are strangers or people he knows superficially. Needless to say, the Boar and his money are easily parted. The unsophisticated Boar should avoid handling finances. With him, it could be, "easy come, easy go." He is soft-hearted and too sympathetic to hold the purse strings.

By nature, the Boar is a materialist, yet he loves to share whatever he has. The more he gives, the more he seems to have. Unselfish and unassuming, he is surrounded by an ever-widening circle of friends whom he will allow to take advantage of him. He has equal need of them, too, as the sociable Boar must always feel part of the gang and enjoys footing the bills and being looked up to.

On the other hand, he is also thick-skinned and can dismiss insults and unpleasantries with a shrug. He does not like to look too far beyond tomorrow. It may be these traits that will help him recover quickly from the misfortunes that may befall him. The gregarious Boar just does not take calamity all that seriously.

Behind the sweet and reasonable facade of the Boar, there hides a remarkable power of resoluteness. He can take the seat of authority any time he pleases, but the Boar is his own worst enemy. His scruples always get the better of him and serve more as a hindrance to his progress than anything else. On the other hand, when he is pushed to the limit, he can respond savagely and turn into a raging foe. He can summon up tremendous energy and perform Herculean feats.

While the Boar may appear gullible, he may be smarter than you dream. Actually, he knows how to care for his interests in an inoffensive manner, and by allowing you to take him for a ride, he may just be giving you enough rope to hang yourself. The Chinese saying "What is yours will always find a way to come back to you" applies to the Boar's policy in full force.

Anyway, being of scrupulous makeup, the Boar will rarely be a trickster or thief. He is all too uncomfortable with ill-gotten gain and will be haunted by severe guilt feeling over the slightest transgression.

Once the Boar is driven to litigation--everyone loses. He may be barricaded by an army of lawyers or even held incommunicado by those familiar with his forgiving nature. He doesn't really hate you and personally regrets being the instrument of bitterness, but once his legal advisors have set the wheels into motion he is forced to go along with the suit. Even when he does win, he may be plagued by remorse for the rest of his life. Tangling in lawsuits will get the Boar dragged deep into the mud of the legal pit. His involvements in legal cases are often doomed to be long and complicated.

Being a sensuous creature, the Boar has strong passions. Endowed with extraordinary vigor and stamina, he is admired for putting his heart and soul into his work. Then again, his very strength could turn out to be his undoing. Because of the fact that his virility and vitality are above average, the Boar will love to savor the good things in life without restriction. If he is unable to check his enormous appetites and practice self-control, the Boar will be corrupted or debased by people who know how to exploit his frailties.

The honest Boar loves with all his heart. He is very considerate as a rule and does not know how to camouflage his emotions. In a love affair, he or she is most likely to end up as the injured party. He could carry the torch for years to come.

His main fault will be his inability to say "No" firmly to himself, his family and his friends. In some cases, he will oblige others by making concessions that it would be wiser to avoid and end up in a heap of trouble. However, when difficulties result, he will bear the blame and burden uncomplainingly. He will become bankrupt at least once in his life, but he will always manage to make a comeback, brighter and bolder than before. The secret of his success lies in his good faith, generosity and resilience.

The Boar will elect to work hard in life, and he will play just as hard, too, so long as he can use up his bountiful supply of energy. With his basic aptitude and conscientiousness, he will triumph and provide well for those about him. His life is fated to be blessed with all he will need and the money, power and success that comes to him will be unselfishly shared with one and all. With his robust and free-spending ways, the burly Boar will always be found living it up. He is the perfect friend, forever willing to do you another favor, or lend you another dollar. Maybe this explains why he is so lucky! At times, it seems he owns the Horn of Plenty.

Although intelligent and well-informed (everyone will somehow tell the Boar his secrets), the Boar person is not deep. He accepts things at face value and would rather conceal the misgivings he has about others in order to keep the peace.

But it is also said that the boar has a fatalistic streak to his nature and when he has nothing further to lose, he could turn into the most negative and debauched of creatures, throwing himself into an abyss of self-gratification and eventual destruction.

Most of the Boar's problems stem from his overgenerous character. If he could contain his basic urge to do too much for others and to promise more than he can deliver, he should have few major upsets.

The Boar will have a happy life when he shares it with the quiet and sagacious Rabbit or the gentle Sheep. He will also get along well with the Tiger. The Rat, Ox, Dragon, Horse, Rooster and Dog will make secondary teammates and have no serious conflicts with the Boar. He may not find the company of other Boars too stimulating, but will be able to take things in stride. Most of his problems will arise from his dealing with the Snake and the Monkey, for he will be no match for their cunning and wit.

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The Boar child will be self-reliant, sociable and easy to deal with. Dependable and determined, he will lead in school activities and acquire prestige by his perseverance and dedication. This youngster will be courageous in the face of great odds and he will not whimper or complain. As a matter of fact, he will be endowed with a remarkably strong body and can withstand a good deal of pain and suffering without crying.

The Boar, like the Rat, will have a hefty appetite and you won't have to force him to eat or pamper him like the Sheep child. He will work hard cheerfully and will not be easily depressed or discouraged. His placid exterior masks his passionate nature. The amorous Boar finds it difficult to be casual or detached in his affections. If he loves his parents, he will worship the very ground they walk on; if not, he will punish himself with remorse and guilt instead of blaming anyone else. He will not need as much attention as other children but he must be assured that he will have your support when he seeks it.

The Boar child has a certain individualism of his own. He will allow you to be the boss so long as you do not expect him to be your slave. His give-and-take attitude will make him popular around the neighborhood He strives more for the fun of winning rather than for the rewards. Often, he may not treasure his belongings and may give things away easily.

In spite of his excellent ability for organizing group effort, smoothing out rough edges and calming fiery natures, the Boar will have trouble taking sides, questioning other people's motives or restraining himself from indulging in his rich tastes and love of comfort on the sly.

This is one child who can take reproach with a positive frame of mind. Setbacks can instill him with renewed vigor. Whenever he instigates changes, he will always be able to convince everyone involved of their necessity. The Boar child will put all his strength, conviction and dedication behind anything he undertakes.

With his soft approach and gentle persuasiveness, the Boar can and will inspire others to do his bidding. It is he who needs more discipline if his talents are not to go to waste. He may excel at planning functions, projects and other people's activities, but he is lazy about applying the same rules to his own daily life.

Whatever you do for him, the Boar will pay you back double. This goes for the bad as well as the good. He is totally blind to the faults of his loved ones and is filled with immense loyalty to his friends. His instinctive understanding of another person's emotions or needs will at times make him seem wise beyond his years.

Whatever he does, you will find this child constantly looking for more ways to work off his huge supply of energy. Wherever he is, you will find a lot of togetherness. He loves to seal relationships with a special glue of his own. In him, you will see unselfishness and a truly great passion for living.

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