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Everything will be workable this year. At least the agile Monkey will not give up before trying every angle. There will be success even in impossible ventures, there will be inventions and improvisations galore. Politics, diplomacy, high finance and business will be engaged in one big poker game with everyone trying to out-bluff each other. A rather amusing and exciting time in which everyone will be given the opportunity to try his hand at the game. No direct confrontation here, as the Monkey is one who can laugh off his mistakes and improve his bargaining prowess in the next round.

This is a year that will find us all trying to get a better deal by outsmarting the other man. It is hard to keep track of who is winning, as the right hand has no idea of what the left hand is up to. One thing is for sure, this will be an extremely progressive time. We will all steam ahead, and even if we do not apply ourselves to the utmost, we will be carried forward by the surging tide of the Monkey's natural talent for learning and advancement.

The lucky imp of a Monkey who rules this year will urge us to gamble, speculate and exploit risky but ingenious options. If you are quick on the draw, this year will yield huge dividends. It is definitely not a year for the faint-hearted or slow-witted. The Monkey gives no concessions and asks none in return. If there is a recession, the year of the Monkey will quickly put an end to it. Business will skyrocket under his optimistic and shrewd influence. The Monkey's resourcefulness will amaze and confound everyone.

It is very interesting to note that America was born in the year of the Fire Monkey, 1776. Perhaps this explains her phenomenal growth and fantastic achievements within such a short span of time.

It is said that the Monkey's year will bring many new and unconventional ways of doing things. The motto of this year should be: "Don't take No for an answer!"


Of all the animals in the lunar cycle, the Monkey bears the closest resemblance to the Naked Ape himself, Man. It is therefore no wonder that it should be he who will inherit most of man's intelligence as well as his capacity for deceit.

The Monkey is the sign of the inventor, the improvisor, and the motivator in the Chinese zodiac; a charlatan capable of drawing everyone to him with his inimitable guile and charm. Being the quick-witted genius of the cycle, he is clever, flexible and innovative. The Monkey can solve intricate problems with ease and will be a very fast learner. He can master anything under the sun and usually has the aptitude for being a good linguist. A person born during this year will be successful at whatever he chooses to do. No challenge will be too great for him.

On the negative side, the Monkey person has an inborn superiority, complex. He doesn't have enough respect for others. Or rather, from his point of view, he has too much for himself. He can be extremely selfish, egoistic and vain. There is also a jealous streak in him that surfaces every time someone gets a promotion or something that he does not have. He is extremely competitive, but good at concealing his feelings and planning his cunning moves. In his pursuit of money, success or power, the Monkey's prowess is unbeatable.

With his innate versatility, the Monkey-born can be a good actor, writer, diplomat, lawyer, sportsman, stockbroker, teacher, etc. He is an immensely sociable character who can get on the good side of everyone. He has the rare gift of making you like him even after he has tricked you.

In the Monkey's many-sided personality the one quality that isn't missing is confidence, no matter how shy or docile he may look. He will take care to display a good bearing, well-rehearsed politeness and a calm dignity. He has an intense and unshakable belief in himself. But it would be inaccurate to dub the Monkey as a completely selfish person. No, he is more like a child in his delightful preoccupation with himself. He can be totally oblivious of others if they are not directly involved in what he is doing at the moment. He views himself with the same fascination and ecstatic joy that a baby exhibits the first time he learns how to play with his fingers and toes. Observe how the infant reacts when he discovers how to clap his hands. He will squeal with glee and proceed to do the same thing over and over until he masters the act. Totally occupied with his marvelous discovery, he is unaware of anything else.

So you will find the Monkey showing the self-same unabashed joy at his own cleverness and brilliant accomplishments. He won't masquerade his pride but neither will he be artificial about it. He honestly believes there isn't anyone else around who can top his act.

If you really know the Monkey well, you will always find it hard to begrudge this wonderful joie de vivre. It's what makes him so different from others, so enviable at times.

Even in the Bible one can spot a Monkey. Methinks that Mary Magdalene could well have been a she-Monkey, while the Prodigal Son was definitely a he-Monkey. If you recall, they both got to eat their cake and keep it, too. How unfair that they should get to slide back into everyone's good graces like that. But there you have it. The Monkey's not only lucky and clever, but also unsinkable.

Throwing insults, accusations and reprimands at him will prove ineffective--even frustrating. They will just bounce off him harmlessly. It's simply unthinkable for him to believe all those nasty things you call him. It can't be true. He will find your admonitions baseless, maybe even hysterically funny. He has such an accurate picture of himself, his talents and his well-deserved good fortune, that you must be insanely jealous to make such ridiculous statements.

The Monkey does not lack credibility. His main problem lies in yielding to temptation, because he finds it amazingly easy to devise ways to justify his actions or to solve dilemmas without too much expense. Consequently, he finds it difficult to instill in others a total sense of trust. With such an innately clever personality, others are always tempted to suspect his motives. Often, Monkey people are judged harshly or accused erroneously by others who are below his scope. His popularity ratings could go up and down like a yoyo. Yet, he never seems overly concerned about your present opinion of him, no matter how contrite he appears. Perhaps it's because he knows that he can always get around to changing it.

This does not mean that the Monkey is callous or refuses to accept criticism. Not in the least-- hen you get to know him, that is. It is just that he realizes ahead of everyone else that nothing is ever permanent or irreparable. Don't sulk, despair or cry "Doomsday." Let him put his gray matter to work and soon things will be right side up again. Remember, to him, records were made to be broken; standards to be upgraded by higher specifications; inventions to be rendered obsolete by more sophisticated designs. He is the impresario, the perpetual improver. Rarely discouraged by his failures or impressed by the success of others, the Monkey strives constantly to do better and often astonishes even himself.

When dealing with a Monkey--be factual. Objectivity is something he lives by. But ultimately, you might as well know, it doesn't matter to him whether or not you approve of his methods. He needs but one sanction--his own.

The Monkey-born can clinch any bargain with flourish. You will find him conscientious about wheedling the little extras that go along with the deal, too. He may not pounce on you like the Tiger or immobilize you with the power gaze of a Dragon; he will just take one teeny-weeny inch at a time, which may seem quite harmless, but do your arithmetic quickly and you will find that twelve inches make a foot and three feet a yard. But by the time you finish your calculations you may be surprised at how far he has crept up on you.

His coups de grace have a lethal whiplash all of their own. But then, after you regain consciousness, you must admit that never before have you been kayoed with more charm and ingenuity.

But don't worry, you will live. And just as soon as you have recovered sufficiently from the first shock, he'll be back with an even nicer package, a brand-new fail-proof scheme, and sure enough you will fall neatly under his spell again. See what I mean? What has he. got--witchcraft, sorcery? Never mind, it's too late now, you are a Monkey addict and you are hooked on him or her.

The Monkey is an intellectual and will possess a fine memory. With his superb intelligence and proficiency, he cannot help but be a winner. His genius is fueled by insatiable curiosity. He must try anything at least once. If he is stumped by a problem, he will nonchalantly go on to invent a solution. What else? Besides being bright and crafty, the Monkey is practical; he counts his dollars and cents. You won't find him wasting time on losing enterprises.

A realist, adroit in self-preservation, the Monkey will not hesitate to take the easiest way out of a trap. When he is cornered, he can be unscrupulous in his means of escape. But the Monkey does have a conscience and when it bothers him too much he will be hit by bouts of charity and may be overwhelmingly generous all of a sudden. Make hay while the sun shines, for these bouts will not last long.

The Monkey girl is Miss Sparkle herself. A natural show woman, she brings excitement and stimulation wherever she goes. Few people will be left unstirred by her liveliness and provocative beauty.

She has a good head for figures and will adapt easily to change. She will work with any group, given enough incentive and sound reason to do so. A great party-goer, entertaining speaker, gracious hostess and tactful confidant, the lady Monkey must never never be underestimated. She is ultra-competitive, observant and calculating. Ms. Monkey will also be attracted to the stage-light and could be a gifted performer. Cheerful and resourceful, she can take disappointment in stride and will be able to fend by her own initiative from the word "Go." This efficient female will not be needing you to lead her by the hand and point out every step of the way. Independent and self-assured, she knows exactly where she wants to go and may be able to teach you a few handy shortcuts of her own. She may be nosey, but she won't be giving away any of her secrets in exchange for your well-guarded information.

The Monkey girl will be guided by incentives. She won't work for free! Good at choosing her words, she will say the right thing at the right time. She rarely blunders on important matters or makes silly, unfounded remarks. She's as adept at getting her own way as she is an excellent judge of character, and she will never exceed her limits. You won't find her doling out money either. One has to perform if one expects her to pay for something--and perform well, because she can be very critical and snobbish.

The Monkey female is a fashionable but orderly dresser; she is especially vain about her hair. Her grooming and her coiffure will be as excellent and as chic as she can afford. It should also be noted that the Monkey native is most prone to skin ailments or allergies. The Monkey girl will have sensitive skin and break out with a rash if she uses too much cosmetics. Although she seems to pamper herself unstintingly, you won't find her tardy or disorganized. Besides her many activities, she will still find the time and energy to take up several hobbies and to look into every aspect of things that appeal to her. She is one of the most up-to-date women in town.

Every Monkey will be an original; they don't make molds of this character and stamp them out by the dozen. Yet in spite of his many individual flaws, people will rally around him simply because they cannot do without the Monkey's expertise and skills.

He is the top PR man--remarkably original, shrewd with money and, in fact, such a wizard at manipulating everything that industry, politics and trade would be lost without him. The Monkey's guile is famous in Chinese history and his name is synonymous with cleverness He is certainly a big asset to have on your team. But first make sure that he is 100 percent on your side. There are bound to be some mercenary Monkeys in the tribe.

It is difficult to be angry with him for long because the Monkey person is an expert at making himself likable and indispensable. He will always maneuver himself into a lucrative position. When he loses, the Monkey is no stubborn fool; he knows how to give in when the odds are stacked against him. Master of the art of survival, the Monkey thrives by the "better to run away and live to fight another day" philosophy.

The Monkey is born a strategist. He never moves without a plan, most probably several plans. He'll never turn his back on opportunity (which he will recognize in any disguise) and he'll hitch his wagon to a star, a Cadillac, a jet plane or anything else that moves for that matter. He just loves free rides and will travel first-class whenever possible.

The Monkey makes a good critic. He can pinpoint the specific area where something went wrong and suggest workable remedies. Of course, how he goes about it will depend on what type of Monkey he is. Some lower types can be so smug about their know-how that you would rather die before accepting their help.

But generally speaking, a Monkey is a warm, natural and spontaneous person who is prepared to work hard--especially if he gets a piece of the action. The bigger the piece, the harder he pitches. Pay him with peanuts and he will turn the tables on you, giving you nothing but peanut shells in return. Take a good piece of advice: never try to trick a Monkey. Chances are you won't get away with it. Aside from being an expert at taking revenge, the Monkey-born will usually have a wry sense of humor. You catch him chuckling wickedly more often than laughing heartily.

Since the Monkey gets what he wants without too much effort or struggle, he will not treasure his conquests. He loses interest. He should learn to be more constant and more serious. In his life, he will trust only a handful of people and will not have many real or long friendships because of his complicated and suspicious personality. He dislikes confiding in others.

Nonetheless, the Monkey is very much in demand. The Rat will be enchanted by his ingenuity. They will recognize each other by the dollar signs in their eyes. The Dragon will seek him out for his superior wits. Rabbit, Sheep, Dog, Horse and Ox will all benefit from the Monkey's versatility and value his competence. The Boar and Rooster will likewise have need of the Monkey's genius.

Naturally, the Snake with all his wisdom and similarly doubting mind will never be completely comfortable with the Monkey. The Tiger should avoid getting into the Monkey's path, as he will be the prime target of the Monkey's mischief and pranks. The Monkey cannot but show his prowess when challenged, and upon discovering that the Tiger is a bad loser, he will revel in annoying him.

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The Monkey child will be captivating. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, he won't keep still for a moment. Mischievous, jovial and very competitive, he will steal his way into your heart. Skillful at flattery and extremely good at playing up to your weaknesses, the incorrigible Monkey will always get what he is after.

Curious, unpredictable and ingenious, this youngster will usually be found fidgeting with some device. Don't be too upset if he breaks his toys. It is simply because he is not attracted by the outer decor; he takes things apart to get inside and see what makes them tick. Intricate or mechanically moving contraptions never fail to amuse or fascinate him. He will be forever tugging at your apron strings and stomping after you with brilliant questions about the universe.

One of these days, when you are about to throw away that unreliable clock that never worked well, your Monkey child will pick it up and fix it with a hairpin. He is never contented with what he has. The grass always look greener to him on the other side. The ambitious and conniving little imp will always have his eye on other people's possessions.

He is constantly goaded to improve himself and he prides himself on his vast accumulation of knowledge and skills. He will be involved in a myriad of activities. Today he will be investigating the theory of photography and tomorrow he may be building himself an amateur radio. The remarkable thing is that the Monkey can spread his attention to several subjects and be able to master them all. He can be snobbish and cocky and will like to tease others with his versatile wit. Optimistic and forever hopeful, he will never concede defeat. He will try and try again until he succeeds.

The Monkey child will have a selfish streak and may refuse to share what he has while skillfully helping himself to other children's toys. Excitable, pretentious and crafty, he will be oblivious of any regulation that restricts him. He should be taught that life is not a one-way street. Even when he does share, he will carefully consider what he can get in return. Even the smallest Monkey is adept at weighing the pros and cons. He will cry foul at the slightest edge others may have over him, but he expects you to close both eyes if the scales tip in his favor.

Then, just when you have reached the saturation point and become totally exasperated with him, the Monkey will turn on his sweet saintly smile, apologize from the bottom of his heart, pour flattery all over your wounds and stand on his head to make you laugh. You will forget all the harsh measures you were going to take against him and be his willing captive all over again.

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