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This is a smooth year following that of the energetic Horse. A year to relax and make peace with oneself as well as with others. Things progress slowly and we find ourselves more sentimental and emotional. The Sheep's influence will draw us closer to home and our families. We find ourselves caring more about those close to us and being more liberal with our time and money.

Patron of the arts, the Sheep will bring out all the creativeness in our natures. We will be productive and imaginative in artistic and aesthetic ventures. The pessimistic vibrations cast by him will also make us oversensitive and fretful of little problems. In our undertakings, we may become easily discouraged or hypercritical when things are not to our liking.

On the world scene, things will be tranquil and subdued. Take time off to cater to your whims and fancies. Make new friends and travel; invest in art and antiques. But keep a tight hand on your purse string, too, as there could be repercussions caused by overspending.

Hopefully, the Sheep's love of harmony and keen sense for coexisting with his enemies will preserve this year from many upheavals. The moderates and doves will be heard and heeded. Wars, international conflicts and mutual animosities usually end in the year of the Sheep.

The serenity of the Sheep's peaceful ways will slow things down a bit for the more intensely active signs, but after all, this is not a year for whirlwind activities--it is one for introspection.


This is the most feminine sign of the Chinese zodiac. A person of the Sheep year is called the good Samaritan of the cycle. He is righteous, sincere and easily taken in by sob stories. He is likely to be mild-mannered, even shy. At his best, he is artistic, fashionable and a creative worker. At his worst, he tends to be easily overcome by his emotions, pessimistic and withdrawn.

The Sheep is known for his gentle and compassionate ways. He can forgive easily and be understanding about others' faults. He dislikes strict schedules and cannot take too much discipline or criticism. Fond of children and animals, he is close to nature and a general homebody. The Sheep is apt to mother or even smother the objects of his affections. He is possessed by varying moods and finds it impossible to work under pressure. He also finds it difficult to be objective.

The subdued outer appearance of the Sheep belies his inner determination. When threatened, he can respond passionately and firmly even though he detests fighting. Caught in an argument, he would rather sulk than come right out and tell you what he is upset about. His stony silence and pouting will probably achieve more than angry words and he will eventually have his way. As a child, most often he will be spoiled by one or both of his parents.

The Chinese believe that good fortune smiles on the Sheep because of his pure nature and kind heart. He is generous with his time as well as his money. When you have nowhere to go and no money, you can be sure the Sheep will not turn you away. He will always have the three most important things in life: food, shelter and clothing. Wherever he goes, he is bound to meet people who can and will assist him. A person of this sign will make it a point to marry well and will be

cherished not only by his mate, but his in-laws as well.

It is said that a Sheep person born in the winter will have a hard life because in this season there is an absence of grass and it is the time Sheep are generally slaughtered for food. However, even in the roughest circumstances, the Sheep will still possess his three basic necessities and people will care deeply for him. His is the eighth sign, and to the Chinese the number 8 symbolizes prosperity and comfort.

He has fantastic luck; people often leave him money in their wills and even the poorest of these natives will be able to inherit something of value from their parents or relations. Admirers present the Sheep with expensive presents and rich and powerful patrons take him; under their wing. Famous personalities will adopt him and take him as their protege. Somehow the fortunate sheep will always have things', made easier for him. His every fall will be cushioned by those who look out for his interests.

Yes, the Sheep can be ingratiating when it comes to currying favor Consequently, like the Rabbit, he will obtain his wishes without force. or violence. He will have great passive endurance and will wear you down with pleas and entreaties. You will never know his mettle until. you try to break him. He isn't that warm and woolly after all. Basically a survivor, the Sheep will know how to placate or evade his enemies. Failing that, he'll run home crying and get his big brother to beat you to a pulp.

The Sheep's oblique approach can be positively infuriating to natives of more direct lunar signs. Admittedly, his roundabout ways can be quite tiresome, but that is the way he is. The lower type of Sheep can be so theatrical at times that he can drive you up the wall. Don't expect him to come right out and say exactly what is troubling him. There is no fun for him in being so blunt and brazen. You must be prepared to pry it out of him bit by bit. Entice him with rewards. Promise that you won't be angry. Humor him. Give him a wide margin and lots of sympathetic nods. He has little sense of time, so you will probably have to rearrange your other appointments, too. Finally, if all else fails, go ahead and bully him, bang the table (he will be impressed), stomp around the room, act like an ogre, but never stop showing that you love and care about him. Then he will come up with the secret hurts he has been nursing for weeks and the two of you will be able to clear the air.

At times, it will be advantageous for the kindly Sheep to have bossy, strong associates. Managers who will both discipline him and put his talents to use. Tough secretaries and even tougher chaperones who will turn down all those unreasonable demands made on his good nature. In short, people to insulate him from being hassled, from playing host to human parasites.

The Sheep never really cuts his umbilical cord. He will always come home to mother and his favorite apple pie. He never forgets birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions. And he will make it a point to celebrate these days ostentatiously (especially when he is not footing the bill). But he is equally sensitive about his own special dates, too. Woe to you if you forgot his birthday or neglected to pay him a visit or send him a get-well card (at the very least) that week he was in the hospital As far as he is concerned, you practically broke his poor heart in two and he will probably be scarred by this for the rest of his life.

The Sheep is basically a worrier. He tends to be pessimistic about events and is prone to predict the worst. Of course, he expects you to vehemently dispel his dark thoughts and he will make sure that there is always someone around to cheer him up. It's useless to cry alone. He'd rather have an audience, please. Misfortunes touch him deeply and he does not get over hardships easily. Lest others forget, he will also take to recounting his miseries ad infinitum. Another one of his shortcomings is that he has difficulty in denying himself anything. He always overspends and should avoid handling his own finances. An extreme type of Sheep may spread cash around as if he were personally obliged to circulate the currency for the Treasury Department.

The Sheep damsel is inclined to like dainty things and will vote for all the frills and trimmings that come along with them. She is decidedly coquettish and may spend hours on her toilette. She rarely arrives on time for anything, and acts as fragile as bone china. She'll move like a princess and may have a fresh rose on her desk every morning, to remind her (and you) that she enjoys being a girl. The Sheep lady will be spanking clean; she is most concerned with personal hygiene, even though her house may be a mess and she doesn't know where anything is. The more aloof types will be preoccupied by sanitary standards. Her children will be scrubbed clean and always look presentable. She has flawless taste in choosing clothes and likes smart accessories.

She will be good at costuming, window dressing, doing stage sets. .Disorganized and scatter-brained as she may appear, everything will fall perfectly into place at the last minute, and she will confound all her critics.

The Sheep girl will openly show her favoritism and will consort day in and day out with those she dubs her special people, her confidants. If she doesn't love you, well, don't complain. At least she will just ignore you without trying to reform you or come after you with a cudgel like a Dragon or an Ox lady. Hers is the voice of gentle persuasion. She'll twist your arm, but in the most engaging manner. For her, half the fun will be the "getting there," the flirting, the cajoling. Her "Yes" could always mean "No" and her "No" could mean "Maybe." If you are a knight in shining armor and you want to win . this fair maiden, it will always be worth the challenge to find out.

All Sheep people, from nine to ninety, are diehard romantics. Soft music, moonlight and intimate candlelit dinners never fail to work their magic on them.

A person born under this sign will have the beguiling knack of turning his very weakness into strength. He knows how to get what he wants by insinuations and subtle hints. He is master of the soft-sell technique, so don't ever underestimate him or you will be caught off-guard. His sedate, earnest and sometimes whimpering ways have proven effective in wearing down the strongest defenses. He can plead his case so convincingly with unfeigned emotions that sometimes he doesn't even have need for many words.

The Sheep will come up with preposterous requests, bordering on blackmail and highway robbery. And just when you are about to smack him down with a loud, resounding "No," you notice that chaste and innocent look on his face, that tear hanging from the corner of his eye, the slight quivering of his lips, and suddenly you feel like some horrible monster taking a lamb to the slaughter. Needless to say, you reluctantly give your consent to his ludicrous demands, still not clear on why or how such a harmless-looking, vulnerable creature could do you in. Case closed.

Certainly not one to make decisions, the Sheep would rather follow and complain when things do not turn out right. Yet, people will sincerely love him as he is so good-natured and is kind enough to share whatever he has. He or she will be very close to the family and will overindulge them.

As the Sheep person will never like to deliberately displease those he loves, he may float about doing nothing in order to avoid conflict and be criticized in the end for failing to take a firm stand on issues. He is difficult to deal with as he is supersensitive, and given to excessive self-pity and even tears.

Appreciation of his talents will make the Sheep blossom spectacularly. He craves love, attention and approval--in that order. He should go into any creative field where he excels, and be given a free hand to do what pleases him most. Where beauty is concerned, don't worry, the Sheep will not disappoint you. He has very discriminating taste and discerning preferences. Then again, it is only fair to warn you that he also tends to spend a lot and may not be very practical.

Unless he was born at the time of day governed by a strong sign such as a Dragon, Snake or Tiger, he should not take on jobs with too much responsibility or decision-making. Being passive by nature, he shuns confrontation and law enforcement.

On the whole, it can be said that the Sheep will not have to work hard for a living. Good things come to him naturally, which is perfect, as he loves luxury and ease. Like his best friend, the Rabbit, he has the soul of a connoisseur. Anything ugly or lowly depresses him. He is so sensitive to beauty and balance that his moods are largely governed by his surroundings. He functions best in bright, airy and tastefully appointed rooms.

In his life he will need strong and loyal people to lean on. The outgoing and optimistic characteristics of the Horse, Boar and Tiger will complement his personality. He will also find perfect harmony with the Rabbit. Monkey, Dragon, Rooster, Snake or another Sheep will do very nicely together, too.

The Rat will dislike the Sheep's spendthrift ways and lack of self-denial. The Sheep will not find sympathy or happiness with the stern people of the Ox year or the practical Dog persons, who will have no patience to listen to the Sheep's petty woes.

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The gentle Sheep child will be a treasure to his parents. He will love being cuddled, fussed over, petted and thoroughly spoiled. A sensitive artist and lover of beauty, he will appreciate music, poetry, sweet-smelling soap for his bath and all sorts of delicate trimmings that stimulate his fine senses. Ultra-dependent, he won't like to do anything for himself--if he can help it. Warm, soft, vulnerable and submissive, he likes being catered to.

Like little Linus in the Peanuts comic strip, he is most likely to cling to his old woolen blanket or, in case of a girl, her worn-out rag doll. He hates being teased and if strongly criticized or embarrassed in school he may not want to return for many days. He will seek out more dominant youngsters to take him under their wings. When he is feeling down, he will need loads and loads of sympathy to pep him up. His fertile imagination and morbid fears can actually make him ill. He can be easily influenced or adversely affected and will positively drown you with his sorrows when he is in a melancholy mood.

When ridiculed or rejected, he can withdraw into a magical world of his own and it will be difficult to lure him out. Food and comfort represent love and security to him. The Sheep will be in no hurry to leave home if he is loved and well cared for. When he does decide to set up housekeeping on his own, you can be sure he will do it with exquisite taste. He loves getting dressed up and has a flair for arranging things. Fickle-minded, inconsistent and trivial at times, he makes up for it by being extremely creative, modest and patient. He is very compassionate about the sorrows of others; when he is fond of someone, his love and generosity know no bounds. It will be rewarding to care for him as he will repay your affections a hundred-fold. It will be impossible to be cross with him for long. He may have his flaws, but he is still a jewel of the highest quality.

Don't be afraid of leading him by the hand or helping him make decisions. He will never get enough reassurance and, as a matter of fact, he may seek his parents' advice or approval on everything he does.

Don't try to wipe the fairy dust off his eyes; or change him, mend him or rearrange him into sterner stuff. It will be useless, as the Sheep will always see life and the world through rose-colored glasses.

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